Hello, I am Fish…

Fish, a tiny long-hair British cat, was five weeks old but only weighed about eight ounces when I found on the street near my company.

“He looked more like a little squirrel than a kitten,” I said to my mom.

Despite his tiny stature, the kitten was active and brave. I look after him back to health after many days of round-the-clock syringe-feedings. I need to make sure that he was hydrated, warm and loved.

Fish clung to “his foster mom” everywhere I went and fit perfectly in my pocket. He started to gain weight, slowly but surely.

After about nine weeks, the British boy finally hit the one-pound mark. What he lacked in size, he made up for in personality.

He has adapted to how his body moves and engages in all the typical kitten behaviors but jump on the furniture.

The sweet kitty receives regular physical therapy to help improve his range of motion.

When he was truly well he became a feisty kitten. Fortunately, he’s turned out to be a very loving little cat!

At almost seven months old, Fish is over three pounds. Though he’s still very tiny and not a jumper, he’s learning to climb and is always curious about his surroundings.

When Fish was little, he loved riding on his humans’ shoulders and cuddling in their arms when he napped. A few months later, some things never change.

He dozes off with a smile on his face while purring up a storm.

He follows his humans around the house like their tiny, little shadow, and never fails to brighten their day.

He is one of the happiest little cats I’ve had the pleasure to foster.

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